A Cthulhu Session - Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nyarlathotep



Inhuman Killer Shot But Still Alive?

VALLEY OF THE DERWENT RESIDENTS, shocked several months ago by two murders and a serious assault on a third victim, are still without explanation or perpetrator of the dreadful attacks.
At that time, Lesser-Edale farmer George Osgood and resident Miss Lydia Perkinns were torn to shreds in apparently-unrelated mu - nsecutive nights. On the third night, wheelwright Harold Shor\vas nearly killed but managed to drive off a grisly creatdrh which he swore to be man-like but not human.
Constable Thmwell, also of Lesser-Edale, believes that he shot and killed the beast on the night Mr Short was attacked. Other residents of the region have claimed to have seen the thing since.
Reportedly, Lesser-Edale endures to this hour the bizarre wailings of the beast on nights near the full moon.
Readers of The Scoop are reminded of their esteemed journal’s long-standing Danger Protocols, and are advised that the picturesque cloughs surrounding The Peak have been declared by The Scoop to be a Zone of High Danger!
Residents of the Midlands are advised to remain indoors at night, and to report all mysterious happenings to the police and to The Scoop.



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