A Cthulhu Session - Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nyarlathotep


Abbiamo Vinto.

Alè oh oh. 

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14 gennaio

Data fissata per i rituali. Basta distruggerne uno. 

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Uccelli larga apertura alare

Parlando con un minatore di Cuncudgerie scopriamo che ha visto 3 enormi uccelli svolazzare in giro mentre cacciava. Li abbiamo visti anche noi. 

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Violent Incident on Lantern Street

Police report murders at Number 88 Lantern Street, “sometime after midnight” last night.
The victims are identified as Miss Reparita Wong, resident at the address, and Mr. Chin Hsi-chou, address unavailable at the time of publication.
Police inspector Chong indicates that the slayings wer unusually violent. He requests information from anyone with knowledge either of Miss Wong or Mr. Chin. Even Lantern Street habituEs, normaily not noted for compassion, were taken aback by the cruelty of the crimes. One witness was so distraught that she identified the killer as a giant bat.
-Shanghai Courier

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Do not allow dark fate to overwhelm you! Worry not that evil rivals seem to possess secret knowledge that you lack! The answer is in the stars! Consult the Heavenly Stem and the Earthly Branch for the answers. A most auspicious future is guaranteed! Contact Shanghai’s Famous Astrologer, Mister Lung, 129 Kaoyang St. No appointment necessary.
Any time before 10.00 P.M.

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The Cult of Darkness In Polynesia & the Sollthwest Pacific

Tonighth Only

a two-hour lecture with slides delivered by Prof. Anthony Cowles, Ph.D.

of the University of Sydney (Australia),
and presently Locksley Fellow
of Polynesian Esoterica
at Miskatonic University (Arkham)
Schuyler Hall, NYU
Tonight Only


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Scoop Offers Reward!

AN UNIDENTIFIED FOREIGNER was found floating in the Thames this Tuesday, the 24th victim in a series of bizarre slayings.
Though Inspector James Barrington of the Yard had no immediate comment, sources exclusive to Tue Scoop agreed that the victim had been beaten severely by one or more assailants, and then stabbed through the heart.
This series of murders has continued over the space of three years, to the bafflement of our faithful Metropolitans. Must we hope that Mr. Sherlock Holmes, though reported by Mr. Doyle to be in retirement, will one last time rise to the defense of our majestic isles?
Readers of The Scoop are reminded that this esteemed journal has a standing reward for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the perpetrators, in an amount now risen to £24 with the latest death. Be on guard!

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Shocking Canvazes Bring Recognition

Local Artist’s Monstrous Scenes Mock “Surrealists”

NOW COLLECTORS CAN BUY savage scenes which rival or surpass the worstnightmares of the Great War, hut which arc far more exotic than that grim business.
London artist Mr. Miles Shipley’s work is being sought out by collectors, who have paid up to £300 for individual paintings.
This correspondent has seen dozens of the works of artist Miles Ship1e and finds them repulsive beyond belief. Maidens ravished, monsters ripping out a man’s innards, shadowy grotesque landscapes, and faces grimacing in horror represent only a fraction of Shipley’s work.
Withal their repellent content, these works are conceived and executed with uncanny verisimilitude, almost as though the artist had worked from photographs of alien places surely never on this Earth!
The artist reportedly is in contact with “other dimensions” in which powerful beings exist, and says he merely renders visible his visions.
Mr. Shipley is aworldng-class man without formal artistic training, who has nonetheless made good where thousands have failed.
Art critics say that Shipley provides an English answer to the Continental artistic movement of “surrealism,” whose controversial practicioners have still to convince John Bull that the way in which a thing is painted is more important than what is painted.
A tip of the hat to Miles Shipley for exposing those frauds!

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Seamens Club Damaged

A portion of the Seamens Club was destroyed late last night, and inspectors report considerable damage to the river side of the institution “in excess of 8,000 pounds sterling,” according to underwriters.
No injury or loss of life is reported.
According to unconfirmed though informed speculation, seepage und.rmthed a portion of the embankment area upon which the famous club stands, causing the collapse.
—Skanghai Courter

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Inhuman Killer Shot But Still Alive?

VALLEY OF THE DERWENT RESIDENTS, shocked several months ago by two murders and a serious assault on a third victim, are still without explanation or perpetrator of the dreadful attacks.
At that time, Lesser-Edale farmer George Osgood and resident Miss Lydia Perkinns were torn to shreds in apparently-unrelated mu - nsecutive nights. On the third night, wheelwright Harold Shor\vas nearly killed but managed to drive off a grisly creatdrh which he swore to be man-like but not human.
Constable Thmwell, also of Lesser-Edale, believes that he shot and killed the beast on the night Mr Short was attacked. Other residents of the region have claimed to have seen the thing since.
Reportedly, Lesser-Edale endures to this hour the bizarre wailings of the beast on nights near the full moon.
Readers of The Scoop are reminded of their esteemed journal’s long-standing Danger Protocols, and are advised that the picturesque cloughs surrounding The Peak have been declared by The Scoop to be a Zone of High Danger!
Residents of the Midlands are advised to remain indoors at night, and to report all mysterious happenings to the police and to The Scoop.

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Tragedy at the Mosque of Tulun

Six of Ibn Tulun’s most respected scholars died last night in the collapse of the ceiling of their study room.
The cause of these tragic deaths is being investigated. Still missing, but presumed dead, is Nessim Efti. The nazir of Ibn Tulun, Achmed Zehavi, survived, but was taken to hospital in shock.
The collapse occurred in a building adjacent to Ibn Tulun itself; the historic structure is undamaged.

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Fire on Chin-Ling Road

Three monks have been found dead in a pavilion fire in the Garden of the Purple Clouds of Autumn. They are thought to have died because of an overturned brazier.
The names of the deceased have not yet been released, but a reliable source indicates that all three were respected scholars of T’ang, Five Dynasties, and Sung literature, a profound loss to all who value China’s great heritage.
Eyewitnesses remarked that the evening fire leapt in an uncanny fashion from one blazing structure to follow the fleeing monks into the second pavilion. “A floating cloud of fire followed them,” according to Mr. Liu Chen-dai of Brilliant Poppy lane.
A European was seen leaving the vicinity of the conflagration. Police respectfully ask his assistance in their

5 aprile 1925 - Shanghai Courier

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Assaltati in Hotel

4 cultisti ci attaccano nel cuore della notte in Hotel.

Avevano una una Croce invertita tatuata (ank invertita)

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Peschereccio Affondato al Largo di Shangai

Un peschereccio, nonostante la bonaccia che imperversava, è stato investito da un'onda pazzesca ed improvvisa ed è affondato, mentre si trovava al largo di un'isoletta. L'unico sopravvissuto vive in un paesello a 50 km da Shangai. Lo andiamo a cercare.

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Evento Iniziale

Inserire la descrizione del primo incontro che ha portato all'intera sventura

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James Gardner

Dove siamo?

Fondazione Penhew

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14 gennaio

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